Current Location (Approximate):

HERMTT the HEMTT is an overland heavy expedition truck crewed by Kevin and Ronda (plus Rufus) Hamilton.  The truck is fully self-contained and can spend weeks off the grid.


1983 Oshkosh M978 HEMTT


  • 8v92ta supercharged turbo 2 stroke Detroit diesel

  • Allison automatic

  • Back 4 wheels for highway use with air toggle for 8x8 and air toggle for lockers on all 4 axles

  • 78k lbs gvwr - as it sits loaded is about 50k lbs 

  • Mostly air and mechanical systems

  • 24 v reduced to 12 volts for crew quarters



  • HEMTT combat wheels with 16 r20 Michelin XZL with extra wheel/ tire spare as well as an extra tire to put on any rim on roofs

  • 900 lb Spitzlift crane

  • Double aluminum racks bolted through with rubber flex mounts

  • Fuel preheater/water separator

  • Block heater

  • 20,000 lb PTO-driven winch


  • Top speed 65 mph at 2,200 rpm

  • 450 hp and approximately 1,250 lb-ft of torque

  • Fords four feet of water

  • Can traverse a 5-foot trench

Crew Quarters:

  • 25 feet long, 10 feet wide (when pop-out extended), 7 feet tall

  • Queen bed suspended over front of garage

  • Full kitchen including microwave, 3 burner propane stove, large fridge/freezer and lots of storage

  • Dry bath with separate shower

  • Flat screen tv with antenna booster, 6 speaker stereo (indoor and outdoor)

  • Gear garage capable of carrying multiple motorcycles, bikes, etc.

  • Back 7 ft door/ramp with 7-foot extention ramp to make a 14-foot ramp to lower gear from the 6 ft vertical floor level. The door also functions as a back deck when parked.


Support Systems:

  • Propane furnace plus 110 heater

  • 2 cylinder Generac generator w/computer and separate battery

  • 100 watt solar with controller

  • 2 batteries charged by truck alternator (24 to 12 volt reduction) as well as solar, or generator

  • 110 and 12 v heater pads on 40 gal water tank as well as 20 gal grey and black tanks, fully insulated holding tank compartment