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What happens in Seattle, stays in Seattle.

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

This is just a sticker we bought that Kevin has on his travel trunk. Makes us sound wild doesn’t it. So, we arrived in Seattle and Kevin, being the wise Amazon shopper he is, had purchased all our Christmas decorations to be delivered just in time. A pre-lit Christmas tree arrived at our door the day after we landed (as did an online grocery delivery). American Christmas in a box! You could say we are professionals. We decorated, put the groceries away and picked up the kids from the airport. Then, to add magic to mayhem, it snowed majestically on Christmas Eve. The Atlantean and Texan children had an epic snowmobile fight. It was one of our daughters very first white Christmases. Sledding commenced on Christmas day. It was like the jackpot of Christmases. A fort was built, the dog ran around and became a fluffy snowball. In a word, it was amazing.

New Years came and went. One child and two adults managed to make it to the grand finale.

Now it’s a new year. We are having some work done on Hemtt, our expedition truck. We found a company in Monroe, WA who can help us with a cosmetic interior update. We also are continuing to work with our friends at Pacific Steel in Seattle, they are creating a metal Murphy style bed for us right now. Our current plans are to take the truck out in April so stay tuned for that adventure.

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