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First Stop Amsterdam. Mind the Gap.

The adventure begins. After deciding just two weeks ago in Finland to ‘go on the road’, it’s been a whirlwind of selling things, getting rid of things and securing a storage unit to store the things left over. A few trunks, suitcases and we are out the door. We bundled up our fluff bear, took a car to the Stena Line Ferry to Amsterdam and here we are staying in the houseboat we’ve stayed in numerous times before. The dog rolled around on the shaggy carpet, we are home on the road. We were surprised to be nostalgic over our house in London, we had many memories having lived there for over two years. We aren’t really accustomed to leaving houses. Monday, we travel on to Seattle for Christmas with the family.

I met a lot of interesting characters selling items in London. There was a grandma who bought a pack n play, negotiating from £5 to £3.50 who made me count out her change for her from a £10 note. I had tea with another expat from California. I gave a lot away for free.

Amsterdam is quite beautiful in December. There is the festival of lights so many canals have light displays.

Now, we are looking at all the places in the world we can go, scheming, planning. The world is our oyster as they say. Shall we go stay in a Ski town so I can finally learn to ski? Go somewhere warmer to escape the dreary, cold of winter?

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