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Captain’s Log Amsterdam

Six years ago, Rufus took his first flight. I was working in Connecticut (for Starbucks) and I got tired of leaving Rufus with a dog sitter. Plus, my niece Vivi, loved Rufus and lives in New York. I decided to stuff Rufus in a bag, work in Connecticut and meet Kevin who was oddly, working there as well. We would go to the big apple for the weekend. Rufus was not a happy traveler. He had never been stuffed in a bag before or stayed in a hotel room. He kept trying to escape from his bag on the plane (I also had the unfortunate luck of sitting next to a flight attendant who was going home, so I couldn’t sneak Rufus out of his bag). When we left him in the hotel room he barked so much that the hotel called Kevin to come get him. Granted, someone decided to practice playing a musical instrument next door (I think it was a cello or violin, so we think he might have just been singing along). It’s funny now because he is such a great little traveler and goes back and forth from Seattle to Europe a couple times a year. It was fun to have Rufus in New York, I remember my little niece loved it. I do remember one of my coworkers said to me “Who brings their dog on a work trip”. I do friends, I do.

Our first stop as nomad’s (aka, people without a living address/ residents of the world) was Amsterdam. I have been here since January 31st and have been staying in a non-tourist neighborhood by Vondelpark. The flat is pretty amazing and the neighborhood is awesome. It’s just a short walk into the center. I was lucky enough to have my mother-in-law, Judy, travel with me and Rufus from Seattle. Rufus was very happy to travel with Grandma. He is getting quite spoiled on these trips, Kevin actual traveled with us from Amsterdam to Seattle the last time. Judy and I played tourists for a week, plus it was her Birthday. We loved visiting the museums here and walking along the canals. We also went on a canal cruise, rented a car and went to Delft which is the cutest little town.

Tonight, Rufus and I are taking the overnight Ferry to Britain (as we have done many times now). I am working for Starbucks next week in London. Kevin is in Australia. I rented a little house in my neighborhood, Shoreditch. I am looking forward to going to the Curtain Club, Ba’cino, Frame, the Columbia Flower Market.

As I am writing this my Airbnb host cancelled my stay. I scrambled and found another place but it is over in Chelsea where I am working. Oh well Shoreditch.

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